PAPER TOWNS by John Green

Paper Towns is a book by John Green. John Green has written many books, such as The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, and An Abundance of Katherine’s. Paper Towns book was published in 2004! Also, there will be a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE of this book coming in 2015! 🙂 


A guy named “Quentin,” has spent his yearwpid-b2d43c325d34e79324780e7542f2ee64s loving Margo Roth from afar. From afar, I mean he is her neighbour and he has a little thing for her. She is the girl every girl wishes to be, she is adventurous, beautiful, and popular. What more is there to it? One night, Margo cracks open his window and orders Quentin to drive her around, so she can seek her revenge. After the night of mind capturing adventure, Q arrives to school hoping for something more with Margo… But what he discovers it that Margo has become a mystery. She has run away and she has left clues for Q to find her. Therefore, it is up to him to find out where she is. This novel is SPECTACULAR. It shows Quentin what life is outside of his box…tumblr_n3ts533BPC1qzfyg1o1_500

SPOILER SECTION: The beginning of the book held a lot of excitement and adventure as Margo and Q scoured through the town. From buying fish at Walmart at 1am to shaving off someones eyebrow at 4am. When Margo entered Q’s bedroom window, I thought “um, okay. Yes, climb through your neighbour’s window and ask a guy who you barely talk to, to drive you around at 1am?” WEIRD. LIKE WHAT?? So they drive around the town and break into houses (somewhat) and into amusement parks. (What I was thinking was how did Margo know how to and was able to?) After that night, Margo goes missing/she ran away from home. Quentin sees the clues she left behind for him, so he can try to find her. So, he spent his whole last month of school (senior year) searching for Margo. Lacey, Ben, and Q, then embark on a road trip to NY to find Margo. Q realizes that searching for Margo has been the most fun he’s ever had, since Margo and him found that dead body when they were kids… This novel is SPECTACULAR. It shows Quentin what life is outside of his box… It was a great read, that opens your mind to finding joy in your life. BTW. I AM A NERDFIGHTER PEOPLE. THUMBS UP IF YOU ARE TOO.

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