Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick (HUSH, HUSH FANS)

This was an okay read. The book leaves you wanting more, even if you are FREAKING out from the thriller. It was interesting to see how a good guy turned into the criminal. After reading this book it left me thinking… Jude oh Jude.


This book is about 2 girls who decide to go on a hiking trip for spring break. Instead of an ordinary spring break they expect to have. A blizzard forces them to abandon their car, to find the nearest shelter. They accept the hospitality of 2 handsome men who turn out to be fugitives and take the 2 girls hostage.  While being kidnapped 1 of the girls, Britt begins to fall in love with her capturer.


Bad points about the book:

  • Britt was stupid
  • Why did they leave the car to head into the woods??
  • And yes, leave the food there too
  • Didn’t Britt train for the trip? How come she didn’t use any skills she acquired from training TO SURVIVE?
  • She trusted 2 men she did not know.
  • The book was so predictable
  • at the beginning of the book I knew calvin was the killer (IT WAS OBVIOUS)
  • She had weird second thoughts on everything “Mason is my capturer, but I like him. No, I don’t and blah, blah blah.”
  • Korbie was not her best friend but her sister? like what?
  • Korbie is mental in my head “Yes, Britt. Calvin is helping you by hurting you, trust him.” UM, NOOO. YOU PHYCO.

Until next time,

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